Call for papers

IEEE CoG 2019 will include presentations of peer-reviewed papers, invited talks by high-profile industry and academic leaders, panels, posters and demos. We welcome papers related to all aspects of Games, including, but not limited to, the following broad subject areas:

Submission types and deadlines. None of the deadlines will be extended:

Full technical papers. Deadline on 24th March 2019
Full papers have an 8 page limit, and should constitute a technical or empirical contribution to scientific, technical, and engineering aspects of games.

Short, competition, vision and demo papers. Deadline on 14th May 2019
Short papers (2-4 pages): describe work in progress, smaller projects that are not yet ready to be published as a full paper, or new progress on projects that have been reported elsewhere. Competition papers describe research related to one of the competitions in the Games community, including the design of new competitions and in particular submissions to existing competitions. Vision papers describe a vision for the future of the Games field or some part of it, are based on extensive research and include a comprehensive bibliography. Standards for competition papers are as high as for other CoG papers, and standards for vision papers are higher. Competition papers and vision papers are both maximum 8 pages. Poster papers are 2 pages long, describe work in progress and will be presented during a demo session.

Games Industry track. Deadline on 11th June 2019
We welcome talk proposals from the games industry that wish to present their work on the areas covered in this conference, such as games technology and applications of Artificial Intelligence to games. We are interested in presentations about research prototypes, commercial products, indie/mobile/AAA games, AR/VR applications, etc., as well as participation on poster sessions and discussion panels. These talk proposals do not require the submission of a written manuscript to be accepted at the conference. In order to submit a proposal, please contact the general or industry chairs.