Call for Sponsors

We are looking for sponsors that help us build a strong conference and community for research in games. Most of the attendees and participants of game events benefit from tailored career opportunities presented at the conferences. We intend to support the young professionals to such career opportunities at IEEE CoG.

IEEE CoG provides a unique platform for industrial sponsors to present themselves to potential employees in the area of games with expertise in AI, Computational Intelligence, Design and Games Technology. Our participants’ expertise goes even beyond a developer‘s profession. We have the following statistics from previous IEEE CIS conferences:


By sponsoring you will be helping us organize the best possible conference and experience for professionals, researchers, speakers, guests and delegates.

What’s in it for a sponsor? It will give you access and positive branding for:

The following are the sponsorship options we offer, although we are open to consider other suggestions:

Bronze (£5001) Mention in welcome talks and logo on website, badges and conference program.
Silver (£10001) Bronze
+ One A4 page (or similar) with company text distributed with the registration package.
Gold (£20001) Silver
+ A banner or poster to be displayed in conference lobby.
+ One fee waiver for the whole conference.
Platinum (£25001) Gold
+ A permanent booth for 2 people for the whole conference.
+ A short talk (10 minutes) on the CoG Industry Open Day (see below).
+ Up to two fee waivers for the whole conference.

1 VAT exclusive price

If you are interested in sponsoring IEEE CoG 2019, please get in touch with the general chairs: Diego Perez-Liebana ( and Sanaz Mostaghim (

The industry day is an open day (free entrance) with topics provided by and focused on the games industry and how it links to research in games. For details, visit