Games Night

Draughts Waterloo (21st August)

On the evening of Wednesday 21st August, you are on your own and free to explore the city. However, for those of you that want to join a fun games night, we have booked Draughts Waterloo for the evening.

The number of tickets is limited (150), and they will be booked on a first come, first served basis. So please register (for free) on this link:

Draughts is an IEEE CoG 2019 sponsor. Thanks to this, we can offer, for free for all attendees, a buffet dinner and a voucher for one drink during the evening.

Important: this booking is reserved and exclusive for conference delegates who paid a registration fee. We cannot accept +1s unless we don't reach full capacity. You’ll need to include your IEEE CoG 2019 Registration Reference Number (of the form QMLXXXXXX, see your confirmation email).

Getting there

Start and end times (evening August 21st), as:

Travelling information from Queen Mary University of London to Draughts Waterloo:

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Games night picture 2

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