Industry Session

The industry session is a session with topics provided by and focused on the games industry and how it links to research in games.

The industry session will include:

Speaker Affiliation Talk Title
Adam StreckDZNEMedical Device Regulation - certifying VR for use in healthcare
Ana Fernández del RíoUNEDUnderstanding player conversion and churn: from game dynamics to individual player predictions
Hwanhee KimNCTechnical Game Design Tools at NCSOFT
Mitsuhiro OdakaJapanese Contemporary Artists TeamThe gamification of SIR model-based simulation of COVID-19 epidemics
Radoslaw GwarekSelf-taught developer
(tied with 11 bit studios)
Scaling your AI
Shuo Diao and
Lauryn Porte
Unity Technologies“Overpowered, Cheap, and Unfair”: Game Balancing and AI-Driven Simulations


Picture of Remi Driancourt

Remi Driancourt

Square Enix Japan

Picture of David Silver

Ross Finman

Niantic Inc

Picture of Katja Hofmann

Aya Matsuyama


Picture of Stav Selma Rizvic

Selma Rizvic
(joint with Sylvain Grain, Stereopsia)

Professor, University of Sarajevo