Call for Special Session Proposals

A special session addresses one or more topic areas within games research and is intended to bring together researchers working on those topics to provide an excellent session at the IEEE Conference on Games. Please read the call for papers for CoG 2020 and its list of topics before submitting your special session proposal.

A special session proposal should not be more than two pages, not including the brief biographies of the proposers and the draft call for papers.

Please include the following information with your proposal:

Inquiries and proposals should be sent to Florian Richoux ( Proposals must be in PDF format and will be approved on a rolling basis (submit now!), reviewed promptly, and placed on the conference web site, in part to prevent duplicate submissions. If someone has beaten you to the punch, contact them and offer to serve as a member of their review panel.

No applications would be considered after January 14, 2020.