The Final Program of CoG2022 is now available at Online Meeting Instructions have been sent to registered delegates through emails.


Program on August 21


· IEEE CoG2022 Opening (video)

       Chair: Dongbin Zhao

· Keynote I: On Game-Based Control Systems

       Speaker: Lei Guo

· Industry Talks

➢ "Nosso Museu", a serious game in virtual reality as a tool to support the identification of risks on archaeological collections
       Speaker: Michelle Mayumi Tizuka

➢ Data Science Solutions throughout Games' Lifecycles Leveraging Big Data and AI
       Speaker: Qiaolin Chen

➢ Applicaiton of AI Virtual Player in the 3D Action Game
       Speaker: Shihong Deng

➢ Applying Reinforcement Learning in Naraka: Bladepoint
       Speaker: Kai Guan

· Tutorial I: Evolutionary Computation in Games: Learning, Planning, and Designing (video)

       Speakers: Julian Togelius and Jialin Liu

· Keynote II: Emotion-Centric AI: from Hubris and Nemesis to Catharsis(video)

       Speaker: Georgios N. Yannakakis

· Tutorial II: Learning in Sparse Reward and Imperfect Information Games (video)

       Speakers: Junliang Xing and Kai Li


Program on August 22


· Keynote III: Going beyond Games: Towards Decision Making in The Real-world  (video, pdf)

       Speaker: Yuandong Tian

· Tutorial III: Solving Zero-sum Games through Reinforcement Learning  (video)

       Speaker: Yaodong Yang

· Tutorial IV: A Designer's Reflection on Game Design Considering Players' Emotions  (video)

       Speakers: Hamna Aslam and Joseph Alexander Brown

· AI4Playing I

       ➢ MOBA Game Item Recommendation via Relation-aware Graph Attention Network (video)
                Authors: Lijuan Duan, Shuxin Li, Wenbo Zhang, Wenjian Wang

       ➢ DouZero+: Improving DouDizhu AI by Opponent Modeling and Coach-guided Learning (video)
                Authors: Youpeng Zhao, Jian Zhao, Xunhan Hu, Wengang Zhou and Houqiang Li

       ➢ Learning Continuous 3-DoF Air-to-Air Close-in Combat Strategy using Proximal Policy Optimization (video)
                Authors: Luntong Li, Zhiming Zhou, Jiajun Chai, Zhen Liu, Yuanheng Zhu and Jianqiang Yi

       ➢ Improving DNNs-based 2048 Players with Position Embedding (video)
                Authors: Wang Weikai and Matsuzaki Kiminori

· Game Testing

       ➢ Inspector: Pixel-based Automated Game Testing via Exploration, Detection, and Investigation (video)
                Authors: Guoqing Liu, Mengzhang Cai, Li Zhao, Tao Qin, Adrian Brown, Jimmy Bischoff and Tie-Yan Liu

       ➢ Automatic Testing and Validation of Level of Detail Reductions Through Supervised Learning (video)
                Authors: Matilda Tamm, Olivia Shamon, Héctor Anadon Leon, Konrad Tollmar and Linus Gisslén

       ➢ Adaptive Game Soundtrack Tempo Based on Players' Actions (video)
                Authors: Munir Makhmutov, Joseph Alexander Brown, Maksim Surkov, Anton Timchenko and Kamilya Timchenko

· Keynote IV: Agent-Human Complex Games for Multi-agent Studies (video)

       Speaker: Sarit Kraus

· AI4Playing II

       ➢ On the Verge of Solving Rocket League using Deep Reinforcement Learning and Sim-to-sim Transfer (video)

Authors: Marco Pleines, Jannik Drögemüller, Frederik Rohkrähmer, Hendrik Meyer, Sebastian Prior, Thilo Röthemeyer, Leon Büttinghaus, Matthias Pallasch, Konstantin Ramthun, Yannik Wegener, Alexander Kaschwig, Oliver Chmurzynski, Roman Kalkreuth, Frank Zimmer and Mike Preuss

       ➢ Improving Bidding and Playing Strategies in the Trick-Taking game Wizard using Deep Q-Networks (video)
                Authors: Jonas Schumacher and Marco Pleines

       ➢ Learning General Game State Representations from Unlabeled Images (video)
                Authors: Chintan Trivedi, Konstantinos Makantasis, Antonios Liapis and Georgios N. Yannakakis

       ➢ Task Relabelling for Multi-task Transfer using Successor Features (video)
                Authors: Martin Balla and Diego Perez-Liebana

· Game Design

       ➢ Paste You Into Game: Towards Expression and Identity Consistency Face Swapping (video)
                Authors: Hao Zeng, Wei Zhang, Keyu Chen, Zhimeng Zhang, Lincheng Li and Yu Ding

       ➢ Realistic Game Avatars Auto-Creation from Single Images via Three-pathway Network
                Authors: Jiangke Lin, Lincheng Li, Yi Yuan and Zhengxia Zou

       ➢ Declarative AI design in Unity using Answer Set Programming (video)
                Authors: Denise Angilica, Giovambattista Ianni and Francesco Pacenza

       ➢ Generalizations of Steering - A Modular Design (video)
                Authors: Lars Wagner, Christopher Olson and Alexander Dockhorn

· CoG2022 Competitions 

       Chairs. Xiaochuan Zhang and Raluca Gaina

· AI4Playing III

       ➢ Salience as a Narrative Planning Step Cost Function (video)
                Authors: Stephen G. Ware and Rachelyn Farrell

       ➢ Mitigating cowardice for reinforcement learning agents in combat scenarios (video)
                Authors: Steve Bakos and Heidar Davoudi

       ➢ MAIDCRL: Semi-centralized Multi-Agent Influence Dense-CNN Reinforcement Learning (video)
                Authors: Ayesha Siddika Nipu, Siming Liu and Anthony Harris

· Player Modelling

       ➢ Regularized Soft Actor-Critic for Behavior Transfer Learning (video)
                Authors: Mingxi Tan, Ludovic Denoyer, Andong Tian and Alexis Rolland

       ➢ Improved Action Prediction through Multiple Model Processing of Player Trajectories (video)
                Authors: Branden Corwin Ingram, Benjamin Rosman, Clint Van Alten and Richard Klein

       ➢ Evaluating Navigation Behavior of Agents in Games using Non-Parametric Statistics (video)
                Authors: Ian Colbert and Mehdi Saeedi

· ToG Outstanding Paper Nominees Presentation

       ➢ Deep Learning for Video Game Playing (video)
                Authors: Niels Justesen, Philip Bontrager, Julian Togelius, Sebastian Risi

       ➢ Procedural Puzzle Generation: A Survey
                Authors: Barbara De Kegel, Mads Haah

       ➢ Winning Is Not Everything: Enhancing Game Development With Intelligent Agents (video)

Authors: Yunqi Zhao, Igor Borovikov, Fernando de Mesentier Silva, Ahmad Beirami, Jason Rupert, Caedmon Somers, Jesse Harder, John Kolen, Jervis Pinto, Reza Pourabolghasem, James Pestrak, Harold Chaput, Mohsen Sardari, Long Lin, Sundeep Narravula, Navid Aghdaie, Kazi Zaman

       ➢ Self-Adaptive Monte Carlo Tree Search in General Game Playing (video)
                Authors: Chiara F. Sironi, Jialin Liu, Mark H. M. Winands

       ➢ Adaptive Music Composition for Games (video)
                Authors: Patrick Edward Hutchings, Jon McCormack

       ➢ Infinite Loot Box: A Platform for Simulating Video Game Loot Boxes (video)
                Authors: Dominic Kao


Program on August 23


· Keynote V: An Unquenchable Appetite: Games, Play, and Climate Change (video)

       Speaker: Jessica Hammer


       ➢ Learning Level Orderings using Playtraces and Level Structure in Human Computation Games (video)
                Authors: Anurag Sarkar and Seth Cooper

       ➢ Toward Cooperative Level Generation in Multiplayer Game: A User Study in Overcooked (video)
                Authors: In-Chang Baek, Tae-Gwan Ha, Tae-Hwa Park and Kyung-Joong Kim

       ➢ Online Level Generation with Music: A Player-Adaptive Approach (video)
                Authors: Ziqi Wang and Jialin Liu

       ➢ Surrogate Infeasible Fitness Acquirement FI-2Pop for Procedural Content Generation (video)
                Authors: Roberto Gallotta, Kai Arulkumaran and L. B. Soros

· DRL for Games

       ➢ Towards Modern Card Games with Large-Scale Action Spaces Through Action Representation (video)
                Authors: Zhiyuan Yao, Tianyu Shi, Site Li, Yiting Xie, Yuanyuan Qin, Huan Lu, Xiongjie Xie and Yan Zhang

       ➢ Multi-goal Reinforcement Learning via Exploring Successor Matching (video)
                Authors: Xiaoyun Feng

       ➢ CGAR: Critic Guided Action Redistribution in Reinforcement Leaning (video)
                Authors: Tairan Huang, Xu Li, Hao Li, Mingming Sun and Ping Li

       ➢ PIFE: Permutation Invariant Feature Extractor for Danmaku Games (video)
                Authors: Takuto Itoi and Edgar Simo-Serra


       ➢ Generating Game Levels of Diverse Behaviour Engagement (video)
                Authors: Keyuan Zhang, Jiayu Bai and Jialin Liu

       ➢ EST-GAN: Enhancing Style Transfer GANs with Intermediate Game Render Passes (video)
                Authors: Helmut Hlavacs, Martina Mittermueller and Zhanxiang Ye

       ➢ Quick generation of crosswords using concatenation (video)
                Authors: Jakub Dakowski, Piotr Jaworski and Waldemar Wojna

· Benchmark and Competition I

       ➢ Agent X: Improving Exploration vs Exploitation in the State of the Art Angry Birds AI (video)
                Authors: Daniel Lutalo

       ➢ Enemy Spotted: In-game Gun Sound Dataset for Gunshot Classification and Localization (video)
                Authors: Junwoo Park, Youngwoo Cho, Gyuhyeon Sim, Hojoon Lee and Jaegul Choo

       ➢ DareFightingICE Competition: A Fighting Game Sound Design and AI Competition (video)
                Authors: Ibrahim Khan, Thai Nguyen, Xincheng Dai and Ruck Thawonmas

· Keynote VI: Player-AI Interaction: What Can Human-Centered AI Learn from Computer Games and Other Creative Domains (video)

       Speaker: Jichen Zhu


       ➢ Space segmentation and multiple autonomous agents: a Minecraft settlement generator (video)
                Authors: Sebastian Christiansen and Marco Scirea

       ➢ Mario Plays on a Manifold: Generating Functional Content in Latent Space through Differential Geometry (video)
                Authors: Miguel González-Duque, Rasmus Berg Palm, Søren Hauberg and Sebastian Risi

       ➢ Compressing and Comparing the Generative Spaces of Procedural Content Generators (video)
                Authors: Oliver Withington and Laurissa Tokarchuk

· Benchmark and Competition II

       ➢ CaiRL: A High-Performance Reinforcement Learning Environment Toolkit (video)
                Authors: Per-Arne Andersen, Morten Goodwin and Ole-Christoffer Granmo

       ➢ Towards verifiable Benchmarks for Reinforcement Learning (video)
                Authors: Matthias Müller-Brockhausen, Mike Preuss and Aske Plaat

       ➢ LevDoom: A Benchmark for Generalization on Level Difficulty in Reinforcement Learning (video)
                Authors: Tristan Tomilin, Tianhong Dai, Mykola Pechenizkiy and Meng Fang

· Tutorial V: Player Modelling through Affective Computing (video)

       Speakers: Phil Lopes and David Melhart

· Game HCI

       ➢ Mouse Sensitivity in First-person Targeting Tasks (video)
                Authors: Ben Boudaoud, Josef Spjut and Joohwan Kim

       ➢ Smelling on the Edge: Using Fuzzy Logic in Edge Computing to Control an Olfactory Display in a Video Game (video)

Authors: Miguel Angel Garcia-Ruiz, Pedro Cesar Santana-Mancilla, Laura Sanely Gaytan-Lugo and Raul Aquino-Santos

· Benchmark and Competition III

       ➢ A Deep Reinforcement Learning Blind AI in DareFightingICE (video)
                Authors: Thai Nguyen, Xincheng Dai, Ibrahim Khan, Ruck Thawonmas and Hai V. Pham

       ➢ TAG: Pandemic Competition (video)
                Authors: Raluca Gaina and Martin Balla

       ➢ Keke AI Competition: Solving puzzle levels in a dynamically changing mechanic space (video)
                Authors: M Charity and Julian Togelius

· Game Analytics

       ➢ Face in the Game: Using Facial Action Units to Track Expertise in Competitive Video Game Play (video)
                Authors: Gianluca Guglielmo, Paris Mavromoustakos Blom, Michał Klincewicz, Boris Čule and Pieter Spronck

       ➢ Playing Good-Quality Games with Weak Players by Combining Programs with Different Roles (video)
                Authors: Kokolo Ikeda and Chu-Hsuan Hsueh

       ➢ PGD: A Large-scale Professional Go Dataset for Data-driven Analytics (video)
                Authors: Yifan Gao

       ➢ DOTA 2 match prediction through deep learning team fight models (video)

Authors: Cheng Hao Ke, Haozhang Deng, Congda Xu, Jiong Li, Xingyun Gu, Borchuluun Yadamsuren, Rafet Sifa, Anders Drachen and Simon Demediuk

       ➢ GCN-WP - Semi-Supervised Graph Convolutional Networks for Win Prediction in Esports (video)
                Authors: Alexander Bisberg and Emilio Ferrara

· VR and AR

       ➢ Ethermal - Lightweight Thermal Feedback for VR Games (video)
                Authors: Bas A. Plijnaer, Guenter Wallner and Regina Bernhaupt

       ➢ Acoustic Rendering Based on Geometry Reduction and Acoustic Material Classification (video)
                Authors: Mattia Colombo, Alan Dolhasz, Jason Hockman and Carlo Harvey

       ➢ Fly My Little Dragon: Using AR to Learn Geometry (video)
                Authors: Sebastian Oberdörfer, Philipp Krop, Samantha Straka, Silke Grafe and Marc Erich Latoschik

       ➢ Co-located Immersive Gaming: A Comparison between Augmented and Virtual Reality (video)
                Authors: Moinak Ghoshal, Juan Ong, Hearan Won, Dimitrios Koutsonikolas and Caglar Yildirim


Program on August 24


· Keynote VII: On Computation Characterization in Game Theory

       Speaker: Xiaotie Deng

· Vision Papers

       ➢ User-Generated Content and Editors in Video Games: Survey and Vision (video)
                Authors: Haihan Duan, Yiwei Huang, Yifan Zhao, Zhen Huang and Wei Cai

       ➢ Optimists At Heart: Why Do We Research Game AI? (video)
                Authors: Michael Cook

       ➢ Let’s Make Games Together: Explainability in Mixed-initiative Co-creative Game Design (video)
                Authors: Solange Margarido, Penousal Machado, Licínio Roque and Pedro Martins

· Game Theory & Board Games

       ➢ A Viewpoint on Construction of Networked Model of Event-triggered Hybrid Dynamic Games (video)
                Authors: Xiangyong Chen, Feng Zhao, Ming Guo and Jianlong Qiu

Learning Strategies for Imperfect Information Board Games using Depth-limited Counterfactual Regret Minimization and Belief State (video)
         Authors: Chen Chen and Tomoyuki Kaneko

       ➢ Stirring the Pot - Teaching Reinforcement Learning Agents a "Push-Your-Luck" board game (video)
                Authors: Maximilian Hünemörder, Mirjam Bayer, Nadine-Sarah Schüler and Peer Kröger

       ➢ Supervised and Reinforcement Learning from Observations in Reconnaissance Blind Chess (video)
                Authors: Timo Bertram, Johannes Fürnkranz and Martin Mueller

· MCTS for Games

       ➢ Combining Monte-Carlo Tree Search with Proof-Number Search (video)
                Authors: Elliot Doe, Mark H. M. Winands, Dennis J. N. J. Soemers and Cameron Browne

       ➢ MultiTree MCTS in Tabletop Games (video)
                Authors: James Goodman, Simon Lucas and Diego Perez-Liebana

       ➢ Turning Zeroes into Non-Zeroes: Sample Efficient Exploration with Monte Carlo Graph Search (video)
                Authors: Marko Tot, Michelangelo Conserva, Sam Devlin and Diego Perez Liebana

       ➢ Elastic Monte Carlo Tree Search with State Abstraction for Strategy Game Playing (video)
                Authors: Linjie Xu, Alexander Dockhorn, Jorge Hurtado-Grueso, Dominik Jeurissen and Diego PerezLiebana

       ➢ Quickly Detecting Skill Trace in Games (video)
                Authors: Cameron Browne

· Demo Papers

       ➢ Turing Test Framework for Cooperative Games (video)
                Authors: In-Chang Baek, Tae-Hwa Park, Tae-Gwan Ha and Kyung-Joong Kim

       ➢ A Smile Interface to Promote the Spectator’s Emotion (video)
                Authors: Febri Abdullah, Mury F. Dewantoro, Ruck Thawonmas and Fitra A. Bachtiar

       ➢ Parallel Dance: A Social Game on Campus Public Screens (video)
                Authors: Jiahao Li

The Effect of a Virtual Character to Players’ Engagement and Enjoyment in a Game for Collecting Artwork Description Data (video)
         Authors: Albertus Agung, Roman Savchyn, Pujana Paliyawan and Ruck Thawonmas

       ➢ Gulliver's Game: Multiviewer and Vtuber Extreme Asymmetric Game (video)
                Authors: Jiahao Li and Ke Fang

       ➢ Subtle Attention Guidance for a New Virtual Reality Game (video)
                Authors: Alexandre Berthault, Camille Richard, Mathieu Anthoine and Maël Addoum

· Benchmarks and Competitions IV

       ➢ MiaoSuan Wargame: A Multi-Mode Integrated Platform for Imperfect Information Game (video)
                Authors: Jia Le Xu, Jian Hu, Shi Xian Wang, Xu Yang Yang and Wan Cheng Ni

       ➢ ChemGrid: An Open-Ended Benchmark Domain for an Open-Ended Learner (video)
                Authors: Miklos Kepes, Nicholas Guttenberg and Lisa Soros

       ➢ World of Bugs: A Platform for Automated Bug Detection in 3D Video Games (video)
                Authors: Benedict Wilkins and Kostas Stathis

· Journal Paper & Abstract Presentation

       ➢ Breaking Ban: Assessing the effectiveness of Belgium’s gambling law regulation of video game loot boxes (video)
                Authors: Leon Y Xiao

       ➢ Designer Modeling through Design Style Clustering (video)
                Authors: Jose Font, Alberto Alvarez and Julian Togelius

       ➢ The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Chess World (video)
                Authors: Delia Monica Duca Iliescu

· Multi-player Games

       ➢ Mastering the Game of 3v3 Snakes with Rule-Enhanced Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning (video)
                Authors: Jitao Wang, Dongyun Xue, Jian Zhao, Wengang Zhou and Houqiang Li

       ➢ Speedup Training Artificial Intelligence for Mahjong via Reward Variance Reduction (video)
                Authors: Jinqiu Li, Shuang Wu, Haobo Fu, Qiang Fu, Enmin Zhao and Junliang Xing

       ➢ Crowdsourcing Controller - Utilizing Reliable Agents in a Multiplayer Game (video)
                Authors: Kacper Kenji Lesniak and Maria Maistro

       ➢ Mjx: A framework for Mahjong AI research (video)
                Authors: Sotetsu Koyamada, Keigo Habara, Nao Goto, Shinri Okano, Soichiro Nishimori and Shin Ishii

       ➢ Towards a Competitive 3-Player Mahjong AI using Deep Reinforcement Learning (video)
                Authors: Xiangyu Zhao and Sean B. Holden

· Best Paper Nominees Presentation

       ➢ Using Heart Rate and Machine Learning for VR Horror Game Personalization (video)
                Authors: Sumaira Erum Zaib and Masayuki Yamamura

       ➢ Bayesian Opponent Exploitation by Inferring the Opponent’s Policy Selection Pattern (video)
                Authors: Kuei-Tso Lee and Sheng-Jyh Wang

       ➢ VMAPD: Generate Diverse Solutions for Multi-Agent Games with Recurrent Trajectory Discriminators (video)
                Authors: Shiyu Huang, Chao Yu, Bin Wang, Dong Li, Yu Wang, Ting Chen and Jun Zhu

       ➢ Counter-Strike Deathmatch with Large-Scale Behavioural Cloning (video)
                Authors: Tim Pearce and Jun Zhu

       ➢ Play-style Identification through Deep Unsupervised Clustering of Trajectories (video)
                Authors: Branden Corwin Ingram, Benjamin Rosman, Richard Klein and Clint Van Alten

       ➢ On Linking Level Segments (video)
                Authors: Colan Biemer and Seth Cooper

· Poster Session

       ➢ Illuminating the Space of Enemies Through MAP-Elites (video)
                Authors: Breno Maurício de Freitas Viana, Leonardo Tórtoro Pereira and Claudio Fabiano Motta Toledo

       ➢ LILAC: Learning a Leader for Cooperative Reinforcement Learning (video)
                Authors: Yuqian Fu, Jiajun Chai, Yuanheng Zhu and Dongbin Zhao

       ➢ VRCockpit:Mitigating Simulator Sickness in VR Games Using Multiple Egocentric 2D View Frames
                Authors: Hao Chen, Rongkai Shi, Diego Monteiro, Nilufar Baghaei and Hai-Ning Liang

       ➢ Moody5: Personality-biased agents to enhance interactive storytelling in video games
                Authors: Francesco Garavaglia, Renato Avellar Nobre, Laura Anna Ripamonti, Dario Maggiorini and Davide Gadia

       ➢ Benni’s Forest – a serious game on the challenges of reforestation
                Authors: Hidde Bolijn, Martin Li, Andries Reurink, Cas van Rijn and Rafael Bidarra

       ➢ Reinforcement Learning using Reward Expectations in Scenarios with Aleatoric Uncertainties (video)
                Authors: Yubin Wang, Yifeng Sun, Jiang Wu, Hao Hu, Zhiqiang Wu and Weigui Huang

       ➢ Memory-Augmented Episodic Value Network
                Authors: Fanyu Zeng, Guangyu Xing and Shuzhi Ge

       ➢ Hero featured learning algorithm for winning rate prediction of Honor of Kings (video)
                Authors: Peng Tian, Xiao Zhang and Wenfei Lan

       ➢ Neighborly: A Sandbox for Simulation-based Emergent Narrative
                Authors: Shi Johnson-Bey, Mark Nelson and Michael Mateas

       ➢ Using Wordle for Learning to Design and Compare Strategies (video)
                Authors: Chao-Lin Liu

Procedural Generation of Dungeons’ Maps and Locked-door Missions Through an Evolutionary Algorithm Validated with Players (video)
         Authors: Leonardo Pereira, Paulo Victor de Souza Prado, Rafael Miranda Lopes and Claudio Toledo

· Serious Games

       ➢ Training and assessing perspective taking through 'A Hole New Perspective' (video)

Authors: Ruben Band, Maarten Lips, Julivius Prawira, Jurgen van Schagen, Simon Tulling, Ying Zhang, Aicha A. Benaiss, Ineke J.M. van der Ham, Mijael Bueno and Rafael Bidarra

       ➢ An Interactive Module for Learning and Evaluating the Basic Rules in Health Consultations (video)

Authors: Maël Addoum, Yannick Bourquin, Quentin Bleuse, Auriane Gros, Jean Breaud, Marilou Serris and Philippe Robert

· Keynote VIII: AlphaStar: Grandmaster Level in StarCraft II using Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning

       Speaker: Oriol Vinyals

· Closing

       Chair: Simon Lucas